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Weekend Projects

10 Easy Weekend Paint Projects For Your Home

Do you have plans for the weekend? While it’s nice to have time off to enjoy with our family and friends, for many of us the best time to catch up on home improvement is on the weekend.


6 Unexpected Front Door Colors

Want to give your exterior an instant makeover with minimal effort? A fresh color on your front door updates your entire home’s personality.


8 Things Most New Painters Overlook

Painting isn’t hard (truly anyone can do it) but before you dive right into painting a wall or a piece of furniture, check out my list of the top eight things new painters may not know.


A Boy's Nursery Inspired By The Hobbit

Inspiration can be found in uncommon places. See how you can turn a nursery into a storytelling cove by using the iconic story: The Hobbit.


A Budget Bathroom Makeover - Bathroom Paint Colors

When it comes to a project budget, there's rarely enough to go around. While you might prioritize your kitchen renovation over your bathroom, you can still find cost conscious ways to show it come love.

Dining Rooms

A Dining Room Fit for Entertaining - Dining Room Paint Colors

Creating a dining space that has a warm palette but is still flexible can be tricky. See how using a white color can create the ultimate blank canvas.

Kid's Room

A Less Pink, Bigger Girl's Room

Unsure of using the color white? Don't be so hesitant. White walls go with everything. Even your little girls big girl room.


A New Mood for My Powder Room - Bathroom Colors

Painting a whole house can be intimidating. Not sure where to start? Learn how to manage your project to get by with a little help from her friends.

Best Colors to Paint A Room When Selling A House

There are a few things to keep in mind when selling your home, especially when choosing paint colors


Best Colors to Use in a Small Bathroom


Choosing the Best Types of Wood For a Painted Project

Painted furniture is fantastic, whether it's going bold with a bright accent piece or a fresh white statement maker.


Do This Test Before You Paint Over Oil Paint

If you bought a piece of painted furniture at an antique store or live in an older home, it’s likely that the furniture or some of the woodwork, molding, cabinets or doors in your home were painted with oil-based paint.


Flat, Gloss or Satin Paint: How Do You Choose?

Confused about how to choose the right paint finish for your home project? We cover the basics and discuss the details.


How Long Does Paint Take to Dry & Cure?

When you complete a paint project, you may be asking yourself: how long does paint take to dry? Often times, the hardest part of any makeover is waiting for the paint to dry.


How to Paint a Perfect Line Between Wall and Ceiling

No matter how hard you try to paint perfect lines where the wall meets the ceiling, it can sometimes be tough. Here are three tried-and-true methods that work.


How To Remodel A Bedroom

If your bedroom looks as tired as you sometimes feel in the morning, it might be time for an update.


Don't Panic! How To Paint Your Bathroom In Peace

Loved it on the chip in store, but now that you’re half way done with your project are you having second thoughts? See how you can push through your color concerns and why you'll be super happy you did.


Great Bathroom Makeovers: Before and After

No matter how much you hate your room- take your "before" picture. You'll see how good it feels to compare your before and after, once the project is done.


Making Over My Parlor Bathroom - Bathroom Color Ideas

Not sure how much you can update your home with even the smallest of spaces? A little work can go a long way. ​


Bathroom Painting Tips

How to not get overwhelmed by a bathroom painting project.


Colors For Your Marble Bathroom

How to work with the marble bathroom of your dreams or the one you inherited with your house.


Creative DIY Bathroom Backsplash

Even an inexperienced DIYer can bring personality to a builder beige bathroom.


How to Choose Bathroom Finishes

Before you start, you have to choose your finish… aka your sheen.


How to Choose Paint for Bathroom Walls

We've had it. We're throwing out the rule book… LET THEM USE FLAT!


What Sheen Of Paint Should You Paint A Bathroom Cabinet?

Expert advice on picking a bathroom sheen.

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